LivePlanet plays along

Shingle pacts with Amp'd for cell game 'Phone Tag'

LivePlanet is teaming up with Amp’d Mobile to make a worldwide game of tag using cell phones.

“Phone Tag” will launch in the third quarter on Amp’d, a private-label cell phone service targeting young customers who use mobile devices for entertainment.

It’s a rare example of a Hollywood shingle producing a game, although such projects are becoming more common as more film and TV companies start playing in the digital world. LivePlanet, the producer of “Project Greenlight” and numerous films, has considered pitching the idea for several years.

“The technology and the business models just weren’t ready, but now GPS is rolling out on cell phones and there are companies like Amp’d eager for this kind of content,” said LivePlanet CEO Larry Tanz.

Amp’d users can pay a monthly subscription fee for “Phone Tag.” Each player is assigned another player as a target whom they track using their phones. When a phone gets very close to the target’s phone, the service registers the “kill” and the winning hunter is given the target his or her prey was hunting. Game continues until only one winner is left uncaptured.

Players can set up their own games with friends or take part in large tournaments to be created by LivePlanet and Amp’d.

Producer hopes to integrate brand sponsors into the game and possibly sign up a TV partner. They also hope to sell the concept to foreign cellular operators.

LivePlanet has similarly themed worldwide manhunt “The Runner” set up at Yahoo!; it was previously designed as a TV show for ABC.