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World Trade Center (Paramount, Dec. 12)

This packed two-disc set brings 9/11 to heart-tugging life through the voices of real-life survivors and rescuers. Helmer Oliver Stone supplies a frank commentary and is profiled in an equally frank docu, but the real star of the package is survivor Will Jimeno: The retired Port Authority cop eloquently anchors a separate commentary with rescuers Scott Strauss, John Busching and Paddy McGee. “Don’t forget, Willy, I tried to save you guys,” Jimeno recalls fellow cop Dominic Pezzulo telling him and John McLoughlin. “I told him, ‘Dominic, I would never let anyone forget that.’ ”

United 93 (Universal, Sept. 5)

Helmer Paul Greengrass gives a measured account of the production, stressing his insistence on accuracy; a loose-limbed docu on families of the survivors puts the loss in context but could use tightening.

Little Miss Sunshine (Fox, Dec. 19)

The four alternate endings are fun, mostly because they invite viewers to watch the comic beauty pageant denouement over and over again. Disc also contains two separate commentary tracks; scribe Michael Arndt and co-helmers Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris provide an engaging account of the pic’s long birthing process is the superior of the two.

The Devil Wears Prada (Fox, Dec. 12)

Full of more fashion info than the average moviegoer could ever want, this disc is at its best recounting the struggle to adapt a whiny roman a clef into a delicious coming of age story where the demanding boss steals the show. The “Boss From Hell” featurette is amusing and the gag reel intermittently so.

An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount, Nov. 21)

Al Gore provides a chilling update to his docu about global warming, reviewing the latest evidence that the planet’s in bad shape. He ends it on a hopeful note, however, exhorting DVD viewers to do their part to turn down the earth’s temperature. “We have the ability,” he says firmly. “Let’s get with it.”

World Trade Center; United 93; Little Miss Sunshine; The Devil Wears Prada; An Inconvenient Truth

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