Weinsteins book Besson

Brothers adopt 'Arthur'

The Weinstein Co. has picked up all rights in English-speaking territories to the live action/CG-animated pic “Arthur and the Minimoys,” based on the kids’ book by Luc Besson.

In-production pic — adapted and helmed by Besson — follows the story of 10-year-old Arthur, who ventures into a secret world of the Minimoys. There, he meets Princess Selenia and her brother Betameche and they set off to look for a treasure that will save Arthur’s grandma.

Freddie Highmore and Mia Farrow star in “Arthur,” with Madonna, Snoop Dogg and David Bowie providing voice talent.

Pic is being produced through Besson and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam’s Gallic EuropaCorp label.

“Arthur and the Minimoys” is “clearly the most ambitious, creative and unique project EuropaCorp has ever produced,” Le Pogam said. “Luc Besson has spent 3½ years to create and direct this movie.”

Besson’s kiddie tome was published via HarperCollins Children Books. “Arthur” title spawned three further books, “Arthur and the Forbidden City,” “Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard” and “Arthur and the War of the Two Worlds.”

TWC execs Michael Cole and Michael Schaefer will oversee for the mini-major.

Bob and Harvey Weinstein have been on an animated buying spree of late after the releases of their first two CG pics, “Hoodwinked!” and “Doogal.” Company has greenlit a “Hoodwinked!” sequel and made deals to roll out sci-fi comedy “Escape From Planet Earth” and monster pic riff “Igor.”