Site’s drive: pix to disc

Indiepix.net hopes to promote independent films

Film e-tailer Indiepix.net is today launching software that it claims may change the way indie pics are distributed.

System will allow customers to download encrypted movies from the company’s Web site and reassemble them on the desktop as a DVD file that can be written to disc.

With downloaded movies previously confined to computer screens, Indiepix.net hopes its new software will encourage people to watch independent films through standard DVD players.

“There are some wonderful voices that need to be heard, and that’s what we aim to do,” said Indiepix prexy Bob Alexander.

Indiepix stocks about 2,000 titles for sale on its Web site — of these, about 50 will be immediately available for Download-to-Own, with that figure growing to 100 by the end of the month.

None of the titles are exclusive.

Features will sell for $15, with shorts going for $2-$5, but Indiepix expects to take only 20%-25% of each transaction, with the filmmakers receiving the balance. There’s no charge to download the Disc Factory software.

Indiepix’s project has an almost philanthropic edge to it: “We want to be a positive force in the film biz,” Alexander told Daily Variety. “We’re like the equivalent of a trading floor — we’re just there to make the transaction.”