Company: Warner Bros.

Titles: Tsujihara is president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group; Sanders is president of Warner Home Video.

How they’re leading: Warner generates the vid biz’s heftiest studio revenues, controlling about 20% of the market.

Looking beyond DVD, Warner has aggressively realigned itself to stay on the edge of leading formats.

Last year, Warner became the first disc unit to reorganize itself for the digital distribution world, forming umbrella division Warner Home Entertainment Group and putting Tsujihara in charge. Within the group, Sanders’ unit became the single largest source of hi-def disc releases, with 28 Blu-ray and 49 HD DVD titles bowing through November.

Under Tsujihara’s stewardship, the Home Entertainment Group is pushing its units to cleverly plug content into the unlikeliest of places, such as file-sharing site BitTorrent.

POV: “Since antipiracy, technical operations and digital distribution are all in one group, we are able to efficiently evaluate deals and collaborate with services that seek to transform thmselves from illicit to legal,” Tsujihara explains.

“We’ve already seen many advantages in our dual support (of HD DVD and Blu-ray),” Sanders adds. “On the creative side, directors and producers know that by working with Warner Bros. they will be able to put their content out to as wide an audience as possible, standard DVD, (hi-def) and online.”

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