Judge mulls ‘Borat’ DVD suit

Fraternity brothers push to get scene removed

The brouhaha over “Borat” continues.

A Los Angeles judge said Thursday that he would consider a request by two U. of South Carolina fraternity brothers that a scene featuring them be cut from the “Borat” DVD.

In scene, the pair are intoxicated and make sexist and racist remarks. The men originally sought to have the scene excised from the theatrical version of “Borat,” but that request was denied.

Original lawsuit, filed Nov. 11 against 20th Century Fox and the “Borat” producers, contends that the men were drunk when they agreed to participate in the film.

The young men, whose names do not appear in court documents in order to protect them, say that use of the scene in the DVD will hurt their chances of finding future work.

Already, one of the men has lost a prominent position in his fraternity, and the other has lost an internship as a result of the “Borat” footage.

West Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Biderman did not say when he would issue a ruling.

The mockumentary written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen has made more than $110 million at the domestic box office.

Verdicts are also awaited in other “Borat”-related lawsuits. Two residents of a Romanian village have filed a $30 million lawsuit alleging that they agreed to participate in “Borat” because they were told it was a documentary about poverty in Romania. And Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred is seeking an investigation on behalf of her client Cindy Streit, owner of an etiquette training service in Alabama who claims she was similarly misled into taking part in “Borat.”