Company: Amazon.com

Titles: Bezos is chairman and-CEO; Carr is VP, digital media.

How they’re leading: With the launch of Unbox in September, Amazon.com became the first DVD retailer to get into the movie download business.

Amazon was able to attract widespread studio support (it has deals with every major except Disney) by pricing downloads similar to DVDs, which promised to keep major offline retailers Wal-Mart, Target and others happy by not threatening the mighty disc business with low-cost downloads.

Amazon adds a name brand to the nascent movie download business — the retailer is already the biggest seller of DVDs online and has built a trustworthy reputation with customers.

Amazon set Unbox apart from competitors with new download features like saving a permanent backup for customers on Amazon servers and allowing users to buy a movie on one computer and have it downloaded to another.

Amazon also has sought to bridge the gap between the computer and the TV — users with a Media Center PC connected to an Xbox 360 can access and watch Unbox downloads on their TV set.

POV: “The key thing for us is that they are taking the same level of trust and technology into the digital side,” Warner Home Entertainment Group president Kevin Tsujihara says of Amazon. “They clearly have the potential to be one of the key distributors.”

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