Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner will join the high-def DVD fray this month, when their Magnolia homevid label releases its first wave of HD DVD titles.

The five debut titles include “Bubble,” the first pic released simultaneously in theaters, homevid and cable by Magnolia, and Oscar nominee “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.” Also on the way: HD DVD releases of “The War Within,” HD Net skein “Bikini Destinations” and an HD Net special on Space Shuttle Discovery’s launch in 2005.

“Bubble,” “Enron” and “The War Within” have all been released on standard DVD, though each was created by sister division HD Net Films. Each will be priced at $29.98 and carry extras similar to the standard DVD versions. The TV fare will be priced at $26.98.

Warner and Universal were the first studios to release high-def titles last month, with each issuing a handful of titles on the HD DVD format. Sony won’t release the first titles on the rival Blu-ray format until May 23. It’s not clear whether Magnolia’s titles will beat them to stores; the label didn’t commit to a specific date.

In any case, studios have been struggling to meet their high-def launch dates; Warner pushed back its original HD DVD launch a few weeks and then managed to get only two out of three launch titles to stores for the format’s April 18 debut.

Blu-ray backers also have pushed back that format’s launch as they grapple with tech issues.