Company: CinemaNow

Titles: Marvis is CEO; Eisen is prexy.

How they’re leading: One of the bigger factors keeping the movie download business from reaching a broader audience is the inability of consumers to easily watch PC downloads on their living room TV.

CinemaNow skipped ahead of its competitors (including Apple and Amazon) this past summer when it began offering the first burn-to-DVD movie downloads, featuring titles from Universal, Disney, Sony, Lionsgate and MGM.

The rest of the download business was waiting around for industry group the DVD Forum to extend dsc copy-protection standard CSS to DVD burning.

CinemaNow went around CSS by investing in a separate copy-protection system, FluxDVD, and getting some of its studio partners to sign on.

Marvis says that, on average, download-to-burn movies sell five times as many copies on the site as those that can only be stored on a personal computer.

POV: “The download-to-burn concept is one that everyone’s in agreement that this is what’s going to happen with digital downloads,” Marvis says. “Everybody acknowledges the importance of it.

“The challenge is of moving in on an established distribution business — the DVD marketplace. We had had a long-term strong relationship with the various studios. They trust that we’re going to care for their content appropriately.”

Adds Eisen: “The studios were getting frustrated that there was no other solution on the market, that CSS was hung up and wasn’t getting anywhere. They saw this as the next generation of digital electronic distribution of content.”

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