Titles: The Weinsteins are co-chairmen of the Weinstein Co.; Drinkwater is CEO of Genius Products.

How they’re leading: The Weinsteins are responsible for tripling the size of Genius Products in one year’s time, turning Drinkwater’s tiny indie label into a home entertainment powerhouse.

Led by an exclusive disc-distribution pact with the Weinsteins — which includes the DVD release of “Scary Movie 4” — Genius generated $134.5 million in its third quarter, a 300% increase from the same 2005 frame.

For the year, Genius expects to rake in $700 million-$800 million — not too far from the $1 billion earned in 2005 by Lionsgate, considered the industry’s largest indie studio.

The Weinstein stamp of approval has created a flurry of additional distribution deals for Genius with such content brands as ESPN, World Wrestling Entertainment and Discovery Kids.

The Weinsteins haven’t stopped wheeling and dealing. In November, they signed on to provide their rental titles exclusively to Blockbuster. In return, the chain has promised the Weinstein DVDs elite promotion throughout its outlets.

POV: “To say that we are pleased with what we’ve accomplished by partnering with Genius is a huge understatement,” Bob Weinstein says. “In a matter of months, we have partnered with an impressive list of content providers that has diversified and substantiated our product selection.

“This, combined with Genius’ retail expertise and seasoned staff, has established Genius Products and the Weinstein Co. as a significant force in the home entertainment industry.”

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