Turns out “Ice Age: The Meltdown” was a lot hotter at the international weekend box office than Fox Intl. estimated on Sunday — $17.3 million hotter, to be exact.

The distrib said Monday that the actual weekend grosses totaled $40.3 million, rather than the $23 million figure it issued Sunday. Fox’s first calculation was goofed up thanks to underreporting of several holdover markets such as France and by not including territories that weren’t reporting over the weekend.

The new number means the fourth weekend of “Meltdown” declined just 33% from Easter weekend, rather than 60%. It also lifts the toon’s foreign cume to $333.1 million and its worldwide take to around $500 million.

Top performers included Italy, which opened with $5.7 million at 644 playdates, the second best Fox launch ever; France, which dropped 39% to $5.6 million in its third weekend; and Germany, with $5.3 million, which lifted its three-week gross to $47.8 million.