Oscar gave a robust bump to the DVD biz in a week marked by strong bows of newcomers such as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

“Crash,” the Academy Awards’ biggest winner, received the biggest sales lift: Lionsgate said DVD sales spiked more than sixfold to 207,000 the week after the film nabbed the best picture Oscar.

That’s a huge jump over the 33,000 sold in the previous frame and pushes the pic’s total sales to about 4.2 million units since its September release on DVD. The film was also re-released in theaters last week, pulling in some $343,000 on 175 screens for a per-screen average below $2,000. Even if the bulk of consumers bought the $19.98 disc on sale — certain online retailers are selling it for under $10 — that still reps spending above $3 million.

Fox said “Walk the Line” DVD sales surely benefited from the pic’s lead actress kudos; Johnny Cash biopic sold more than 1 million units last week; total is more than 6 million units in two weeks of release.

Studios typically generate the bulk of their DVD sales the first week.

“It’s gotta be an Oscar bump,” said homevid marketing veep Steve Feldstein, who noted that “Walk the Line” is one of Fox’s fastest selling live-action pics ever. “It is performing at the level of a $200 million movie.”

He said consumer spending on the DVD will outpace the pic’s $118 million B.O. take by week’s end.

Par said song winner “Hustle & Flow” also received an Oscar boost, with sales running 71% ahead of the previous frame late last week.

However, Warners’ “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was the week’s biggest winner at the cash register, selling 9 million units, with almost 5 million units coming on the first day alone. Universal said “Jarhead,” which came up short on Oscar nominations, sold almost 3 million units in its first week.