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Almost as surprising as the fact that the multi-national pic “Babel” garnered the most Golden Globe nominations is that “Bobby” also scored a best picture nod, after having been virtually ignored at the box office.

As expected, political ad spending boosted the fortunes of local TV stations in the third quarter, with revenues up more than 10%. Another boost came from telcos pitching the idea of video franchise reform.

And stations may even get a boost in the first quarter of 2007: A draft Barack Obama group is launching a spot in New Hampshire.

Fox and NBC issue more briefs in their challenges of the FCC’s indecency rules, with the Peacock network denying that Cher actually meant anything sexual when she used the f-word.

Former CNN chief Eason Jordan is launching a new Iraq-themed website, Iraqslogger.com.

B.B King and David McCullough will be among the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Friday at the White House.

Angelina Jolie campaigns in D.C. today on behalf of malaria prevention.

Even though “Home of the Brave” is a new take on William Wyler’s “The Best Years of Our Lives,” director Irwin Winkler says that the pic is “antiwar.”