For Christmas, Political Ads: It is still 2006, but the holiday weekend will see Barack Obama and Duncan Hunter political ads. None come directly from the prospective candidates themselves, but from other groups. Obama, expected to announce whether he will run for President next month, is the subject of a “draft-Obama” ad (see below) that will debut in Hawaii. An ad featuring Republican contender Duncan Hunter of California, financed by by a political action committee, warns of China’s trade advantage over the United States. It is appearing in North Carolina and a couple of other states. Meanwhile, a D.C. court ruling could clear the way for even more campaign-season ads, including commercials from corporations.

Schwarzenegger Goes Green: The Washington Post examines Hummer-driving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lurch toward environmentalism that the California governor says is akin to Nixon’s visit to China. Schwarzenegger’s stances on the environment are unexpected given his pro-business positions, he says. “There is a whole new movement because of the change of people sent to Washington,” Schwarzenegger said in an interview this week, referring to the Democratic Party’s impending takeover of Congress. “We want to put the spotlight on this issue in America. It has to become a debate in the presidential election. It has to become an issue.”

NRA Draws on Michael Moore: Wonkette posts excerpts from a new NRA graphic novel that features a star-studded lineup of foes including Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell, among others.