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A little late this a.m., so…

Kennedy Center honorees Steven Spielberg, Smokey Robinson, Zubin Mehta, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Dolly Parton mixed entertainment and politics in D.C. over the weekend, including a reception at the State Department. Variety’s Army Archerd spoke to Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who said he has no plans to see “Bobby.” “I don’t think I’d ever be able to look at it,” he said. Archerd also talks to Sid Ganis, who is preparing a feature version of Nancy Pelosi’s daughter’s doc “Journeys with George.”

Ralph Nader may have helped cost Al Gore the 2000 election, will he now cost him the Oscar race? The doc “An Unreasonable Man,” about Nader’s life and times, is short-listed in the Academy’s documentary race and will get a Jan. 31 release.

Peter Morgan’s play “Frost/Nixon,” soon to be a Ron Howard movie, actually makes people like the late President.

Liz Smith finds Hillary Clinton has a steel-trap mind when it comes to greeting curious media types.

Jack Valenti marks the 40th anniversary of MPAA’s film ratings by noting that the often-controversial system has staved off censorship from local boards.

In his first post-midterm interview, President Bush chats with Fox News’s Brit Hume tonight.

The New York Times looks at the 1960s-era episodes of “Combat!” directed by the late Robert Altman and finds them still disturbing in their realism.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she’s “lucky to be an American” and that supposedly anti-American statements attributed to her by a Portuguese newspaper were misconstrued. “obviously I need to go back to seventh grade Spanish,” she tells People.com.