Networks will argue on Wednesday that the FCC’s crackdown on indecency violates their freedom of speech in a federal appeals court hearing that will be shown live on C-SPAN. The agency’s former chief of its enforcement bureau, David Solomon, added more fuel to the fire this week by predicting that the agency will lose its attempt to expand its powers. “I think that there’s a significant likelihood that they will lose,” he tells the Associated Press. If so, the agency would likely have to rewrite its rules.

It’s interesting that the latest brush up over broadcast indecency started in January, 2003, when Bono used the phrase “f—ing brilliant” on the Golden Globes. The agency later ruled that his use of the phrase was not indecent, but their review created what the networks now say is a confusing and contradictory means of judging content.

Bono, meanwhile, was on Capitol Hill last week to lobby for funding to combat AIDS and malaria in Africa. Apparently, he was a bit disapppointed that he came away empty handed after meeting with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi yet failed to get firm commitments from them.