Green cred: Brosnan’s activism dates back to his struggles to find a cure for his first wife’s ovarian cancer.

“I heard about the Pacific yew tree (a rain forest tree whose cancer-fighting properties have excited researchers for the past 15 years) and how this potential treatment was being burned to the ground and lost forever to clear the rain forests for cattle,” he says. It was the catalyst that propelled Brosnan into a life of eco activism. He met his current wife, Keely Shaye Smith, in Mexico on a green mission. The couple has worked on a wide array of causes, including safeguarding standards for dolphin-safe tuna, protecting African elephants and fighting against the logging of California’s old-growth redwoods.

Focus: “Oceans, rivers and the air we breathe,” says Brosnan.

Latest battles: Helping Ted Danson with his campaign for Oceana; working with the NRDC on their campaign against the Navy’s use of low-frequency sonar; fighting hard against the development of a liquefied natural gas terminal off the coast of Malibu/Oxnard.

Eco mantra: “I just have to look at my two boys to know I want to do everything in my power so they can have a good future on this planet.”