MPA, other orgs to fight Mexico piracy

Org also backed by Business Software Alliance

The Motion Picture Assn. has joined local industry groups to set up a body to fight piracy in Mexico.

Called the Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Legitimate Commerce, it’s also backed by the Business Software Alliance and reps of the recording and garment industry.

Francisco Guerra, head of the MPA’s antipiracy program in Mexico, said Friday the orgs would use the institute to “pool our ideas and our resources to find creative ways to limit the growth of piracy.”

Institute prexy is Fernando Hernandez Romero, head of the Mexican Assn. of Phonogram Producers, with veeps from other groups sitting on the org’s board.

Group has its work cut out. Seven out of 10 videos or DVDs sold in Mexico are illegal copies, and other industries see piracy rates between 50% and 80%. Pirated music and other illegally copied goods are widely available on the streets.

The institute will study piracy patterns in Mexico, sponsor public information campaigns and promote the “reconversion” of illegal street commerce.

MPA and local film industry org Canacine already sponsor street stalls that sell discounted legal video and DVD copies.