TOKYO — Imagica Holdings, Japan’s largest film processing lab, has renamed itself Imagica Robot Holdings, while spinning off three business units into independent subsidiaries, the company said.

Imagica’s digital broadcasting unit, which operates the Cinefil Imagica film channel, Foodies TV channel, Horror TV channel and Kayo Pops music channel, has become Imagica TV Corp.

The visual content production unit has become Imagica Imageworks and the engineering unit is Imagica Technologies Corp.

All are now wholly owned subsidiaries belonging to the Imagica Robot Holdings group.

Founded in 1935, Imagica is Japan’s premier media processing company; its services include film processing and printing, video and audio post-production and CGI/vfx production.

Since 1996, with the launch of Cinefil Imagica, a foreign classic film channel, the company also has become a leading cable and satellite broadcaster.