Indonesian raids find pirate stash

More than 1.3 million pirated VCDs and DVDs seized

JAKARTA — Three raids in 10 days (July 23 and 28 and Aug. 26) resulted in the seizure of more than 1.3 million pirated VCDs and DVDs at the Ratu Plaza outlets in Jakarta.

Mike Ellis, senior vice president and Asia Pacific regional director for the Motion Picture Assn., said the efforts demonstrate Indonesia’s commitment to protect intellectual property.

Earlier this year, police seized more than 200 video burners at apartments in West Jakarta.

But the raids have not yet increased Indonesia’s legit VCD and DVD market share, which according to MPA figures stands at 12%.

Handi Jatna, managing director of Vision, licensee of Disney and Warner Bros., however, said the legit market had for several years stood at only 5%.

He said that raids had a positive impact, and the major obstruction is weakening popular buying power. Legit DVDs, for example, sell at $ 4.40 a piece, pirated ones at only 55¢. The number of pirated VCDs containing four to seven films apiece is fast increasing.