H.K. mixed on Mouse

Popular opinion turns sour due to park problems

Locals have mixed feelings about Hong Kong Disneyland, according to a survey released Tuesday.

While 86% of respondents showed a strong level of support for the park, 70% said their opinions had become more negative due to problems since its opening in September.

The park has had teething problems ranging from long lines for rides and food to overcrowding that forced the park to shut its gates, barring tourists with tickets during the busy Chinese New Year in January and February.

Media coverage was perceived as negative by 61% of residents and positive by 11%. Some 46% said media coverage was fair, while 29% said it was unfair.

Of those surveyed, 31% have visited the park, and more than half of that number said they were satisfied while 20% weren’t happy with their experience.

The survey, a random sampling of 524 residents over three days in March, is the latest by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic U.

School has been conducting surveys about the park since 2000, and the next is due at the end of the year.

The government provided HK$13.6 billion ($1.74 billion) in funding to attract the park, which is a joint venture with Disney.

“With the survey information, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and Hong Kong Disneyland management can further improve this theme park to address community concerns,” said John Ap, associate professor at the School.