For Fields, tort is best retort

Cussler sues Crusader over 'Sahara'

Some might run and others might hide, but for Bert Fields, the celebrity litigator at the eye of the Pellicano storm, it’s very much business as usual.

Fields is deep into trial preparations on behalf of his client, novelist Clive Cussler, who is suing Philip Anschutz‘s Crusader Entertainment over the film “Sahara.” Cussler claims the company changed the screenplay without Cussler’s consent even though he had script approval.

With deep pockets on both sides, a settlement looks unlikely and Fields is planning for a June trial in L.A. Superior Court.

While Fields prepares for trial, the rest of Hollywood is taking bets on his fate.

Fields, who often used Anthony Pellicano‘s services as private investigator, acknowledged nearly three years ago that he was a subject of the federal investigation and denied knowing that Pellicano conducted illegal wiretaps. He has not been indicted, but 14 others have, including director John McTiernan and entertainment attorney Terry Christensen.