Eisner chats up Mouse exec

Ferren, Stringer, Stewart skedded as guests for yakker

Former Mouse topper and newly minted talkshow host Michael Eisner will interview someone from his former place of employment after all.

Disney’s Bran Ferren will join Sony Corp. chief Howard Stringer and Martha Stewart as guests for the first installment of “Conversations With Michael Eisner,” which will air on CNBC Tuesday in place of “Mad Money” at 9 p.m.

Stewart will discuss her incarceration, comeback and feud with Donald Trump. Stringer will talk about his background at CBS and the challenges of running a Japanese public company.

Initially, it was unclear if any Disney exec would appear on the show. Eisner’s other guests need no introduction, but he described Ferren as someone “few individuals know by name but who provides thrills to billions of people worldwide.”

CNBC veep and former CBS News exec Josh Howard said watching the show will be like “the experience of being at a power lunch with the giants of their industries.”