HOLLYWOOD — At Thursday’s Variety screening of “An Inconvenient Truth,” the ArcLight aud was treated to a new and improved Al Gore far different from the sometimes stiff version people saw during the 2000 presidential election campaign.

During the Q&A, which also featured director Davis Guggenheim and producer Lawrence Bender, the focus was on global warming, but Gore managed to champion his cause with humor.

President Bush said he would refuse to see the movie. But that’s why I wrote the book. He’s more of a reader,” Gore joked.

Much of Gore’s levity was at his own expense. He said he couldn’t predict how the Supreme Court would decide a recent case on global warming — he hasn’t had much luck with the justices.

Earlier in the evening, Gore and the team behind “Truth” accepted awards from the California League of Conservation Voters. At the ceremony Gore admitted that he may not have done the picture had he known how autobiographical it would turn out. But he grew to defer to Guggenheim’s instincts.

“At that point I trusted him enough to go through this rather extensive interview process,” Gore said.

As he has everywhere else he’s gone to promote “Truth,” Gore faced the inevitable question of whether he plans to run for president in 2008.

“I don’t have plans to run for president again. I’m involved in a different type of campaign. It is a campaign to change people’s minds,” Gore said. “The task to bring about a position of change on the grassroots levels is an important task. It might be the best use of experience and skill I’ve gained in my career.”