Wiretap trial date set

Court awaits one more indictment before trial

It’s what wasn’t said that was the big news at Wednesday’s hearing in the Pellicano wiretap case.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Saunders told the court that there would be at least one more indictment before the trial date, currently set for April 18. He declined to say whether it would involve additional defendants or only additional charges.

U.S. District Court judge Dale Fischer set an impossible-to-meet trial date because of speedy trial rules. With the government indicating that it will turn over evidence to the defense running into the hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, trial is likely to be far off.

The hearing, a status conference before U.S. District Court judge Dale Fischer was a gathering that included Anthony Pellicano, seven other defendants and their attorneys.

Pellicano was indicted last month on charges that he wiretapped and ran illegal background checks when he was hired by attorneys to ferret out information during litigation.

Terry Christensen, thus far the only high-profile entertainment lawyer to be indicted, was present at the hearing not only with his attorney Terree Bowers, but with his partner, former dream teamer Robert Shapiro.