The Motion Picture Assn. and the China Film Copyright Protection Assn. have agreed to share antipiracy information and help educate the Chinese on intellectual property rights.

“The MPA and CFCPA also agreed to jointly support the antipiracy efforts of Chinese and U.S. law enforcement agencies,” the MPA said in a statement.

“We are hopeful that strengthened relations will result in enhanced intellectual property awareness throughout Chinese industry and society as well as more effective antipiracy operations,” said Mike Ellis, MPA senior vice prexy and Asia-Pacific regional director.

The CFCPA was set up in August by 62 Chinese film-related companies and is run by Zhu Yongde.

The MPA said piracy in China cost the film industry an estimated $2.7 billion last year.

During 2005, the MPA’s operations in the Asia-Pacific region investigated more than 34,000 cases of piracy and assisted law enforcement officials in conducting more than 10,500 raids. These resulted in the seizure of more than 34 million pirate discs, 55 disc production lines and 3,362 disc burners as well as the initiation of more than 8,000 legal actions.