Green cred: Bing is a major benefactor of environmental causes and is one of California’s most prominent activists. No. 42 on the list of the 50 wealthiest Angelinos by the Los Angeles Business Journal, Bing has donated millions in efforts to defeat big oil on the ballots, has opened his pocketbook to many charities and earth-friendly orgs, and pledged $10 million to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s study on global warming.

Focus: The film-producing entrepreneur uses his private fortune and resources to help study and eliminate causes of global warming as well as America’s dependence on fossil fuel.

Latest battle: Donated nearly $50 million to help fight off the petroleum industry from defeating Proposition 87, which would tax oil production and help develop methods of finding alternative fuels. He began the “Yes on 87” campaign, supporting the initiative that would have raised $4 billion for alternative energy research. Though the measure was defeated, Bing’s financial muscle put a spotlight on the issue and got Hollywood and others to take major note.

Eco mantra: The press-shy businessman declines to talk about his eco philosophy, preferring his actions to speak for themselves.