Veranda hooks up to expand in U.S.

L.A.-based distribber nabs rights to Clio output

MIAMI — Veranda Distribution has acquired rights to Mexican films and TV programming for U.S. Spanish-lingo sale, including shows that aired on Mexican broadcaster Televisa.

Televisa has an exclusive deal for its own output with U.S. Spanish-lingo broadcaster Univision.

L.A.-based Veranda has acquired U.S. distrib rights to output of Mexican indie production company Clio, which retained rights outside Mexico for programming it sold in-country to Televisa.

Clio’s programming includes the multi-episode documentary series “Mexico siglo XX,” covering the country’s political, social and cultural history in the 20th century. Series bowed in Mexico in 1998 as a co-production with Televisa. Clio’s catalog also includes other docus and bios. Company also produces one-hour sports show “Hazana el Deporte Vive.” Clio was co-founded by former Televisa topper Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, now deceased, and Enrique Krauze. Latter now controls.

Veranda has inked its first deal for the Clio programming with Lotus Communications, which is launching Spanish television group TV Informa, starting on three stations in Houston, Tampa and Phoenix.

Houston began transmitting last week, Veranda co-founder Randall Green told Daily Variety.

Veranda’s 225-title film library includes films by Luis Bunuel and classic titles featuring thesp Sara Garcia and superstar comedian Cantinflas (aka Mario Moreno).

Veranda also has acquired rights to 106 cartoons featuring an animated Cantinflas that were produced by Hanna-Barbera studios. The six-minute segs showcase the comedian visiting the likes of Ghengis Khan and Einstein.

Veranda also has secured video-on-demand and homevid rights to parts of its catalog.