TF1 revenue rises 3.4% to $3.7 bil

Net profit to be announced Feb. 15

PARIS — TF1, France’s leading commercial broadcaster, on Thursday posted 2004 annual revenue of E2.8 billion ($3.7 billion), up 3.4%.

Ad coin rose 6.6% to $2.1 billion, while TF1’s advertising market share went up fractionally to 54.8%. Audience share increased 0.3% to 31.8%. Noncore revenues rose 0.8% after accounting changes.

TF1 Video’s contribution to group revs grew 9.7% to $301 million, helped by strong sales of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” and “Kill Bill Vol. 1.”

Revenue at film and TV sales arm TF1 Intl. was up 58.5% thanks to foreign sales of the movies “Secret Agents” and “Arsene Lupin.”

The 66%-owned satellite platform TPS saw a 6.4% hike in revenue. It had 1.575 million subs by the end of December.

Eurosport’s contribution to revs rose 2.5% to $379.3 million, with advertising revenue up 9.3%, boosted by major sporting events including the Olympic Games.

TF1 will announce its 2004 net profit after a Feb. 15 board meeting.