BERLIN — Bombing raids, tsunamis, floods, emergency military airlifts — what sounds like the latest news headlines is, in fact, a lineup of TV pics and miniseries coming soon to German TV.

At least one pic is causing concern at Haim Saban’s ProSiebenSat.1. The group’s leading web, ProSieben, just wrapped production on the costly and special-effects-laden “Tsunami — Die Killerwelle” (Tsunami — The Killer Wave), about a giant tidal wave that hits the German island of Sylt in the North Sea.

After the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia, however, ProSieben execs are trying to figure out what to do with the event movie, which is in post-production.

Web had planned to air it early this year but may postpone it indefinitely in view of the daily news reports about the real-life catastrophe that has claimed more than 160,000 lives, including 60 German nationals, with more than 700 still missing.

Meanwhile, RTL will air “Die Sturmflut” (Storm Surge), a fact-based two-parter about massive tidal floods that engulfed the city of Hamburg in 1962.

Teamworx and EOS Entertainment, which are producing the two-parter, also teamed on pubcaster ZDF’s “Dresden,” about the Allied bombing of the German city during World War II, which left more than 35,000 civilians dead. Shooting is set to start in coming weeks on the project, which Teamworx and EOS hope to sell as a theatrical feature overseas.

One of Germany’s busiest producers, Teamworx also produced Sat 1’s “The Airlift,” about the Allied airlift that kept supply lines open to West Berlin during the 15-month Soviet blockade of the city in 1948.

Also in the works at Teamworx is a U.K.-German co-production about the sinking of the British passenger liner Laconia off the coast of West Africa by a German U-boat. Project is described as “Titanic” meets “Pearl Harbor.”

Unlike other attacks on Allied troopships, the U-boat rescued about 1,000 passengers after the incident, breaking with naval warfare custom.