Stations double up ‘Insider’

News skein makes up for lack of syndie shows

The scarcity of firstrun syndicated TV series has prompted two big-market stations to schedule more runs of Paramount Domestic TV’s showbiz newsmag “The Insider.”

KRON, the indie VHF station in San Francisco, will add another daily run of “The Insider” at 5:30 p.m. to complement its 7 p.m. slotting. The extra “Insider” run will replace a half-hour of local news beginning May 30.

CBS station KHOU Houston will play an additional run of “Insider” in the morning at 9 starting June 6, bumping the first half-hour of the canceled 60-minute “Jane Pauley Show” from NBC Universal. At 9:30 a.m., KHOU will schedule another run of King World’s “Jeopardy.” (Paramount, CBS and King World are all divisions of Viacom.)

Mark Dvornik, exec VP and general sales manager of Par Domestic, said that by the fall TV stations in more than 50% of the country will be playing two runs of “The Insider” each day.