Sitcom adds shelf life

Fox laffer 'Stacked' with sibling publisher's titles

Can Pamela Anderson sell books?

Fox execs aren’t the only ones who think she can.

Anderson, who stars as an unlikely book clerk in the Fox comedy “Stacked,” has been exclusively peddling books published by Fox corporate sib HarperCollins.

The set of the show, modeled after Dutton’s Bookstore in L.A.’s Brentwood, is filled with HarperCollins titles such as Jack Welch‘s “Winning,” Michael Crichton‘s “State of Fear,” and Edward P. Jones’ “The Known World.”

The product placements began as a handshake deal between the network and the publisher; HarperCollins has an office conveniently located on the Fox lot.

But now it appears that getting a book on “Stacked” is becoming something of a new literary honor.

Several authors, including one Pulitzer Prize winner, have requested tapes of shows on which their books appeared.

And publicists from around the HarperCollins publishing empire — the world’s largest — are clamoring to get their titles onto Fox’s stacks.

Since it appears likely the series will be picked up for another season, HarperCollins and Fox are talking about expanding the deal, including having authors appear on the show for book signings and weaving their books into storylines.

The deal is not without precedent: In ABC’s “Ellen,” Ellen DeGeneres peddled books published by Disney’s Hyperion.

It’s not clear what kind of promo benefit will accrue, or if the “Anderson effect” will have the same impact on books that it had on the silicon implant industry.