Pols move to ban sexy exposes

World Brief

NEW DELHI — The Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India plans to check TV channels that carry out stings on unsuspecting individuals, following a string of sexy exposes.

“There are no guidelines to protect infringement of privacy of a person by recording intimate moments through hidden cameras,” a senior official told Variety. “We will introduce rules likely to be included as law in the new Broadcasting Bill. The hidden camera may expose corruption but not obscene scandals unfit for larger public viewership.”

The government is concerned about the recent series of stings by the new, Rajat Sharma-backed India TV. The news channel exposed legislators from the state of Bihar in compromising sex scandals. It followed that with an item on the Bollywood casting couch in which thesps, including Shakti Kapoor, were shown on TV attempting to lure wannabe starlets into sex acts for acting roles.