Poll: U.S. wary of fed regs on TV

Indecency debate continues with intro of new interest group

WASHINGTON — A new interest group in the broadcast indecency debate plans to announce its presence Wednesday by releasing results of a national survey showing that nearly 80% of Americans prefer parental responsibility over governmental regulation when it comes to protecting children from naughty programming.

TV Watch, which bills itself as “a new broadbased group building a grassroots coalition to advocate for responsibility over government intervention and educate Americans about tools to control TV content,” is entering the fray because its members believe the debate so far has been dominated by advocates of more federal regulation.

Org will be led by Jim Dyke, former director of the Republican National Committee. Adam Thierer, director of the Progress and Freedom Foundation’s Center for Digital Media Freedom and longtime opponent of federal regulations over content, is a founding member of TV Watch.

According to a statement, research that TV Watch commissioned for its survey comes from both sides of the political aisle — Republican Frank Luntz, who runs his own polling firm, and Geoff Garin of the Democratic firm Peter D. Hart Research.

Org plans to release details of survey at 12:15 p.m. today.