Indie Shed goes public

Company seeks to raise funds

LONDON — One of Blighty’s most successful indies, Shed Prods., will soon list on London’s junior stock market Aim as it seeks to expand.

Shed Prods. was founded in 1998, but has rapidly established itself with raunchy series like “Bad Girls,” set in an all-female jail, and “Footballer’s Wives,” notorious for its sex scenes.

Last year Shed attempted to merge with London-based indie Hat Trick, a specialist in comedy and entertainment shows, but the marriage didn’t happen.

Instead Shed is seeking to raise funds by going public. “The listing is a natural step in Shed’s development and will allow it to pursue its strategy of growing its TV production interests, seeking new opportunities in the field and attracting further talent.”

Shed, whose profits rose by almost 40% last year on revenues of $27 million, has been profitable since it started — thanks to deals negotiated with its main client, ITV, the U.K.’s most-watched private web.