Gothamites hail ‘Cab’ again

Skein returns to New York after spending time in Vegas

HBO’s “Taxicab Confessions” is back in Gotham.

Fresh episodes are being filmed in New York again, eight years after city officials drove the show to seek a more friendly locale — Las Vegas.

When the revelatory series first hit HBO’s schedule in 1995, New Yorkers began freaking out every time they hailed a cab.

Complaints flooded the office of N.Y. City’s Taxi & Limousine Commission from people convinced their every utterance was being filmed by lipstick-sized cameras hidden in every cab they ventured into.

So “Taxicab” relocated to Vegas, finding a host of people more willing to expose their private moments.

But Michael Bloomberg, one of the most showbiz-savvy politicians east of Arnold Schwarzenegger, became mayor of New York in 2002. Negotiations between HBO and Katherine Oliver, commissioner of the office of film, theater and broadcasting, began anew.

The result: “Taxicab” returned to N.Y. in the summer of 2003. Producers/directors Joe and Harry Gantz are editing the footage for a new batch of “Taxicab” shows.

The mayor’s office can only hope the new episodes won’t reignite the paranoia that sits just below the surface of the typical cab-riding New Yorker.