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Gotham gets plastered in Court TV campaign

Cable net saturating city with ads to gain awareness

New Yorkers may do a double take when they spot a yellow cab this week — the ad space on the roof of 600 taxis has started carrying the phrase “Getaway Car” in bold black letters.

The wink-and-a-nod campaign, which will saturate New York City for the next month, is the brainchild of Court TV’s marketing staff.

Signs pasted on the side of buildings feature the phrase “The Cover-Up,” while 475 phone kiosks throughout the city read, “The Lookout.”

Marc Juris, general manager of Court TV, said one message of the multimillion-dollar campaign is that Court TV “is both a news network and an entertainment network.”

In smaller letters beneath each of the phrases — including “Witness Relocation” on 600 buses — is the network’s new primetime slogan: Court TV Seriously Entertaining. Brand identity replaces “the Investigation Channel.”

Slogan Juris said, refers to Court TV’s primetime and weekend schedules, which are stuffed with nonfiction series, specials and movies aimed at the widest possible audience.

During the day, the network focuses on live trial coverage and legal news.

As New Yorkers trudge over one of the 150 street decals this month reading “Perp Walk,” Juris hopes Court TV “might grab them, and even hold them for a moment.”

“And that would be a triumph,” he concludes, “because New Yorkers are the most jaded people on the planet.”

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