Dutch stations ban Jesus ad

First time blurb refused on religious grounds

AMSTERDAM — Dutch regional channels RTV Utrecht and RTV West have refused to air a blurb that poses the question “Was Jesus gay?” It is claimed to be the first time in Dutch history that a spot has been turned down on religious grounds.

The advertisement for novelist Walter Kamp’s erotic thriller “Judas,” about the last week in Christ’s life, have been accepted by regional channels AT5, RTV Rijnmond and RTV Noord Holland.

Kamp says he didn’t think that being gay was an issue in Holland anymore and has filed suit against AT5, RTV Rijnmond and RTV Noord Holland for refusing to air the ads. The complaint contends that Article Seven of the Dutch legal code and Article 10 of the European Treaty on The Rights of Men forbids such discrimination.

The outcome of the action, expected later this month, will be watched closely by the media in this historically very liberal ter-ritory that is increasingly moving toward conservatism.