Woody, jewels sparkle in the sand

'Match' mixer makes a monkey out of helmer

They say that the social scene in Cannes can be a real zoo, and, at Chopard’s reception for Woody Allen‘s in-competish pic “Match Point,” the analogy became all too true.

At the Nikki Beach event, a monkey-suited Allen and his film’s stars — including Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Emily Mortimer — were seated in a low-walled, enclosed-on-all-sides VIP section for dinner. Meantime the rest of the hoi polloi on the wrong side of the star cage seemed content to stand slack jawed and sardine-like, ogling the captive celebs, and even going up to snap personal pics of the Woodman eating salad in his natural habitat.

Press was kept at bay as well, left nose-to-tail and standing on tippy toes to catch a glimpse of Soon Yi Previn and her immense diamond necklace chowing down. A pink-shirted Gallic shutterbug double fisting it wondered aloud why the ostracized hacks all seemed so peevish.

Suddenly, and without warning, Chopard handlers introduced another female into the party pen, none other than “Match” topliner Scarlett Johansson. The move caused a wild commotion when a waiter serving the A-listers knocked over champagne glasses. Thankfully no stars were injured in the making of this cocktail party.

Before long it was back out to the jungle of paparazzi waiting on the Croisette and off to the “Point” gala.