Top movie dog gets a leg up

'Mighty' geyhound, 'Bobby's' terrier among nominees

Today — in a moment international film folk have been waiting for — Brit distribber Hamish McAlpine will award the highly coveted Palm Dog to the mutt in Cannes with the most acting chops.

Canine candidates include the greyhound in Cannes market title “The Mighty Celt,” and a Skye terrier who loyally spends 14 years next to his master’s grave in “Greyfriars’ Bobby.” Officially selected dogs include the mutt in “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.”

Last year the prize went collectively to the array of hounds seen in Jonathan Nossiter‘s wine docu “Mondovino,” with a special mention for wine expert Robert Parker‘s flatulent bulldogs Edgar and Hoover.

The U.K. Film Center will host today’s event, in partnership with U.K. magazine Our Dogs. Organizer Toby Rose has brought together an upmarket line-up of sponsors that puts the Cannes Film Festival’s own to shame — including Harrods, Wedgewood, Courvoisier and, believe it or not, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.