Despite the fact that audiences had to wait more than a year for the release of “An Unfinished Life,” one of Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s last projects with Walt Disney, the film’s star, Jennifer Lopez, prolonged the delay a little longer at Wednesday night’s premiere. PETA protested outside the DGA in New York against J.Lo’s fur-filled wardrobe, forcing the starlet and hubby Marc Anthony to walk a makeshift red carpet in the basement of the theater.

Apparently the protest didn’t bring down J.Lo’s spirits. She spent more than half an hour on the carpet, which led the movie’s starting 45 minutes late. Lopez was nowhere to be seen at the afterparty downtown, where co-stars Morgan Freeman and Camryn Manheim munched on sushi in separate booths.

Meanwhile Miramax executive Meryl Poster mingled with old colleagues including Matthew Hiltzik.

Poster, who worked on the production of the pic in 2003, said, “People kept saying ‘Why did it take so long? Why are they holding it back?’ Perhaps people think there’s something off because it’s coming out now, when the Weinsteins are leaving (Miramax). But it’s just getting pushed together with a lot of other movies. It should be able to stand on its own, and, in any other time period with Miramax, it would have stood on its own.”

The studio’s current VP of marketing, Jason Cassidy, didn’t seem to think that the Weinsteins’ departure had any effect on marketing the film either.

“We have done everything we would have done had it been released a year ago,” Cassidy said. “It’s kind of a different environment (at Miramax), but in terms of what we do for the picture, it’s really not that different.”