At the “Six Feet Under” bash last week, eulogies for the nearly departed show were met with resounding boos from the misty-eyed audience at the Chinese Theater. “This is one of the most painful statements I’ve ever had to make,” said Carolyn Strauss, president of HBO Entertainment. “This is the fifth and final season premiere.”

Strauss’ farewell was followed by a statement from a momentarily speechless Alan Ball, the show’s creator, who then started recalling fond moments like playing the “Schindler’s List” soundtrack during writing sessions to get folks in the mood. (He went on to thank everyone from grips to the mortuary consultant.)

Afterwards, the Roosevelt Hotel was aptly transformed into a quasi-funeral parlor with boxes of Kleenex and enormous lily arrangements. But the cast and crew still managed to enjoy their last supper in a celebratory, if somewhat stiff, manner.

Joanna Cassidy dined and sipped a martini at a table with Jeremy Sisto, while exec producer Alan Poul was drilled by reporters about the final episode. “Each character’s story will reach a satisfying and surprising end,” he said. Yes, but will anyone die? “In a hundred years everyone here tonight will die,” Poul replied nebulously. “Let’s just say there will be some life-and-death issues this season.”