Many a singer has flashed his or her acting chops under the glare of the lights of Cannes.

David Bowie starred in “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence,” the Spice Girls had their “Spice World” and

Michael Jackson had the lead in Stan Winston’s “Ghosts.”

Screaming fans greeted Jackson’s walk up the steps in 1997. His film, Variety reported, was “a lavishly mounted special effects extravaganza that testifies to the superstar’s guileless egotism and childlike fascination with horror movies.”

The Spice Girls, hoping to sustain their global popularity, came to the Croisette to show their viability as film stars.

Their pic opened 19 months after the festival visit.

And Bowie, who had made four films prior to “Merry Christmas,” went to Cannes to tubthump for the film just as his album “Let’s Dance” was commercially revitalizing his musical career.