Reopening and 25th Anniversary of Cartier BevHills

Had the disparate crowd — think old BevHills money rubbing elbows with Lindsay Lohan’s party posse — at Cartier’s Rodeo Drive reopening stopped to think about the scene, they would’ve likely been floored by the irony of the night. While many of the affluent attendees dripped in jewels, the party’s headliner, Lauryn Hill, sang about class divisions and inequality atop an elevated outdoor stage.

No matter. Cartier-branded champagne flowed freely, and guests like Andy Garcia, Jerry Bruckheimer, Kristin Davis, Sheryl Crow, Mitch Glazer, Laurence Fishburne and Ellen DeGeneres mingled amid a troop of male models in safari suits proffering leopard-print fabric bracelets. (The accessories were the only swag for the evening, understandable considering the lavish raw bar and sushi spread, courtesy of Wolfgang Puck.)

Meanwhile, skinny minnies Lohan, Nicky Hilton and Nicole Richie huddled in a corner, holding court with fashionable folk like celeb stylist Rachel Zoe. And Teri Hatcher, in a smashing red dress, chatted up ex-NBA star John Salley and Debra Messing, who was dishing about the upcoming season finale of “Will and Grace.” “There is a shocking arrival in the finale — someone you would never, ever guess,” she cooed. Stay tuned.