Best Excuse for Late Arrival by a Star
Kevin Spacey delayed the AFI Fest bow of “Beyond the Sea” for an hour, claiming he had to drive to Malibu to pick up Bobby Darin’s son, since apparently nobody else connected with the film or the festival remembered about him.

Best “Oh, Well, Life Goes On!” Evening
After the Gotham bow of “The Sea Inside,” about a quadriplegic fighting for the right to die, filmgoers moved to a cavernous, multi-level disco to shake their booties.

Second-Best “Life Goes On!” Evening
After “The Woodsman,” about a child molester, guests adjourned to an ultra-swanky bar in New York’s meatpacking district to sip cosmopolitans and Heinekens.

Bread of Life Award
To the party planners that recognize everyone in Hollywood is not on the Atkins diet.

“And You Are…?” Award
To Gotham security guards who failed to recognize Barry Meyer and Peter Chernin at parties for their respective studios, and barred them entry.

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The Cancel My Reservation Award
To just about every studio that reserves 90% of the premiere’s tables for stars, who arrive late, then stay within the VIP section.

Dry cleaners’ Best Friend Award
To planners that persist in serving colorful drinks in martini glasses and foregoing dinner tables for mingle room.

“It’s in the Bag!” Award
The “ET”-People mag Emmy bash sent out a press release detailing the contents of the party’s generous gift bag to entice revelers, then ran out of bags.

Say What? Award
To all the planners who turned up the volume for the hard of hearing, helping the rest of the crowd to lose their hearing.

Death Valet Days
The award for the fewest valet car-parkers goes to the Century Plaza, with two workers for 1,000 guests.