The Jackie Chan entourage swept into the party for “The Myth” at the Majestic Beach Tuesday like the retinue of a Chinese emperor of old. Appropriate in fact as the pic is about a Qin dynasty warrior and is backed by Emperor Motion Pictures, in partnership with Chan’s company JCE Movies.

Chan was greeted with a warm embrace from party guest Harvey Weinstein before being swamped by what can only be described as a mob of Asian TV crews. His martial arts skills no doubt come in useful in such situations.

At the party were the pic’s helmer Stanley Tong, and the cast — Hong Kong’s Tony Leung Ka Fai, India’s Mallika Sherawat and South Korea’s Kim Hee Seon, all of whom are major stars in their own territories. The pic was partly shot in India and is one of a growing number of Asia pics that draw on stars from across the region.

Sherawat joked: “Jackie Chan is considered the greatest star in the Far East and everyone there thinks that I am lucky to be working with him. But everyone in India says that Jackie is lucky to be working with me.”

Among the other partygoers were Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung, Emperor Motion Pictures’ CEO Albert Lee, JCE Movies’ Willie Chan and Solon So, d.p. Chris Doyle and producer Samuel Hadida.