Mario on a mission

Vidgame makers search for recognition

HOLLYWOOD — A flashy red Mustang convertible pulled up in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater around 9 a.m. Wednesday, with Nintendo’s main man Mario — giant plastic mustache and all — in tow.

Surrounded by vidgame fans with picket signs, Mario presented a proposal to Hollywood honorary mayor Johnny Grant asking that a new interactive entertainment category be added to the walkway.

Grant accepted the proposal with a hearty handshake and smile, promising to present it to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

According to Tom Harlin, public relations manager for Nintendo of America, the recognition of videogame heroes as legitimate stars is an inevitable evolution of entertainment culture. “Film and videogames are becoming so intertwined,” he said. “It’s time to recognize videogames as a true art form just like film. Their budgets are just as big, and the number of man hours that go into creating videogames is incredible.”