Sure, they bitch and moan about having no privacy. But when given the opportunity to support a rag whose bread and butter is merciless probing into their private lives, young Hollywood (particularly the famous-for-being-famous socialite set) turns out in droves.

Regular Us cover girl Jessica Simpson hosted the mag’s inaugural Hot Young Hollywood Style Awards Wednesday night, apparently putting aside countless past stories that insinuated hubby Nick Lachey was cheating on her.

“Sometimes they support me,” explained Simpson. “Tonight they are supporting me, and I always give back.” Uh, okay…

Other partygoers included the inseparable Duff sisters, the inseparable Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, “Desperate Housewives’ ” Jesse Metcalfe and Tori Spelling.

And then there was Joel Silver, who arrived an hour and a half before any of the celebutantes. When asked why he showed up, the producer just grinned and shrugged. Perhaps to scout fresh talent?