There goes the neighbor harbor.

When the Easy empire (Easyjet, Easycinema, Easymobile, Easypizza, ad easy finitum) mogul Stelios Haji-Ioannou launched his Easycruise operation in Cannes last week, the natural order of life in the Cannes waters was unceremoniously turned upside down.

“I’ve democratized the Cannes harbor,” Stelios (as the Greek business whiz prefers to be called) declared from the deck of his newly refurbished, blaring bright orange Easycruise One flagship.

But before the Stelios tour, one gets the reaction of the locals on the mega yachts and elegant sloops gracing the peaceful Mediterranean waters. On the tender heading out to Easycruise One, the incoming passengers are greeted with scowls and the universal two-finger salute courtesy of the deckhands on nearby superboats.

Hey, for e75 per cabin per night, would you expect to also get the jet set respect?

On board, Stelios’ maiden week guests are whooping it up in the Jacuzzi, sipping champagne, and watching the French air force jets aerial display while Stelios poses for TV crews.

“Our demographic is around 35 years old, which is about 20 years younger than the industry norm,” Stelios said.

A quick check on the rooms and the no-frills cafe and sports bar indicates that Stelios has again splashed the orange logo on everything that isn’t moving.

Does Stelios, whose Easycinema venture is still going through its less spectacular early days, venture into Cannes for Fest schmoozing and moviegoing? “It’s not my world,” he said.