Finery dresses up aid

Celeb org donates clothes for tsunami relief

HOLLYWOOD — Revelers oohed and ahhed at an array of couture Jan. 19 at the Hollywood History Museum, where a slew of thesps auctioned off black-tie apparel for the Tsunami Relief Fund.

“After the clothes are photographed, they can’t be worn again,” said Clothes Off Our Backs organizer Jane Kaczmarek. “The fact that the clothes are basically useless after an awards show really made me think about doing something with them.”

Offering up their attire from previous weekend’s Golden Globes were Charlize Theron, “Desperate Housewives” Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher, and Ewan McGregor, who threw his tux in the mix.

Kaczmarek launched the auction with husband Bradley Whitford after the 2002 Emmy bash. In the past, proceeds have been doled out to such orgs as Smile Train and Cure Autism Now.